Friday, October 27, 2006

The Happy Playground

For those who prefer to sit in the sandbox facing the wall with your own toys (specifically, Bryan), here's a quick edit for you of the previous post. :) I can be uplifting, I just choose to face reality now and then--something that happens when you're a teacher for about, well, 2 days. Fortunately, even though most of us lose hope in the system, we never lose hope in the kids.

We watch cheerful children on flourishing playgrounds
Under blue ceilings painting possibilities beyond our hopes
Beyond our dreams
Opportunity and freedom flowing from coast to coast
From suburbia to ghetto
From heartland to barrio
Where children play on junglejims of opportunity to choose their Destiny

The morality of our forefathers guards our playgrounds with the promise of equality and respect for all
A sandbox filled with harmony and innocence reminds us of where we all began
And of where we are headed because of this playground

Just like our playground--
After-school NBA and Julliard are provided for free by politicians keeping promises
They find resources to change graffiti into art and anger into passion
Here ignorance becomes knowledge and generosity warms our hearts like summer sun

What a beautiful playground--
Custodians dole out balls like jelly beans on Easter, with leftovers
And Congress cuts checks for gymnasiums and P.E. teachers because our children’s health is more important than re-election

This is America’s playground
Where diversity and individuality jumprope without argument
Where academics and the arts hold hands
Where discipline is a virtue not a verb

Under these blue ceilings painting possibilities beyond our hopes and dreams
Knowledge is power
Learning is accessible to all
And teachers hold the tools they need to shape a well-rounded child on a safe, well-equipped playground.

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bryan torre said...

thx, andi.
i feel much better now.