Friday, October 13, 2006

What's Your Favorite Ride at Disneyland?

What's your favorite ride at Disneyland? Matterhorn? Teacups? Dumbo? Pirates? Personally, I don't like Disneyland. I don't know if it's all the people or the standing in line, but the ride is never worth the wait. Roller coasters are great, but they just go up and down and around and it's over so fast you're not sure it happened. "Sorry ma'am, no do overs. Get back in line. " Even if no one was standing in line, I think I'd choose the flying dumbos so that I could fly... soaring in midair over all the details below--no seatbelt--not caring what the parents with 3 year olds are thinking about a 40-yr-old woman on a kid's ride. Usually, I end up on the Monorail out of necessity--it gets me where I should go. Afterall, the elephants just go round and round and round. But in a world without shoulds, I'll be riding the flying dumbos everytime. The teacups just make me want to puke and Pirates without Johnny Depp is just creepy!


jay are said...

You don't like Disneyland?? How un-American! :) Just kidding. But hey, there are ways to go to Disneyland and hardly wait in line. My hubby found this thing online and we did it, and the longest we waited in any line was about 20 minutes. This program tells you when the rides are the shortest, etc., and what order to ride them in. With a little bit of work before hand, the whole Disneyland thing was a breeze.

As far as a favorite ride---can't really think of one. Maybe "It's A Small World". That's pretty cool. And California Adventure has a pretty cool roller-coaster.

Andi said...

You have to realize that once I got to go to Disneyland when there were only 25,000 people in the park. very cool. I haven't been since grad night 22 years ago, so it sounds like they have accommodated people like me since then. Maybe I'll try it.

bryan torre said...

Pirates (or Small World if allowed to bring a shotgun).