Thursday, October 19, 2006

To Paint or Not To Paint

We need to paint the house. Nothing like using equity for home upgrades. Why not clothes or vacations! So the first contractor came by to give an estimate today--probably mid-late 60s, reasonable shape, I thought, until he started lamenting that his house has two stories and it is hard to climb the stairs. I'm thinking, Do you know you need to climb a ladder? How long has it been since you did this anyway? Then he said he didn't like to drive his 67 mustang fastback, with its recent 12k paint job, because it isn't automatic and he has neuropathy in his feet. He just can't feel'em or they hurt like hell. He said some days are so bad he doesn't even want to be alive. I'm still thinking, What about the ladders?

Next estimate pleeease!

Did you know it costs 4-6k for a furnace and duct work? I couldn't breathe for about 5 minutes after I heard that!


jay are said...

Oh, the joys!! Keep some oxygen handy....(and I think I would definitely move on to the next paint bid! Grief-ola!)

bryan torre said...

I'd be happy to help you with your furnace issues, but I'm allergic to warmth, dust, sheet metal, and air blowing. Other than that, tho...