Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hat people

Berkeley is full of hat people, you know, the ones walking to a different drummer, even when there's no music playing. I went to a poetry reading in Bezerkley last night. I expect an eclectic mix of people, and I'm never disappointed, but last night I wondered if one woman, probably in her early 60s, had dressed up for Halloween a little early. Since she wasn't dressed up, I won't go into detail, because I don't want to make fun of her as a person, but suffice to say, she wore a large button on her shirt that said, "Weird and proud of it!" Her jester-type hat with a straw tassel was the most normal thing about her. Her poetry, however, was as spectacular as she was weird.

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jay are said...

wow, she sounds fascinating. And a poetry reading in berkeley! That's just so..so...what's the word I want here? Anyway, it sounds fun and cool and out there, and maybe I'll have to join you one of these times. It'd be fun to see the hat lady.